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     Call Me Victoria is the joyous result of over thirty-five years of writing individual poems, stories and articles artfully woven together to tell my life story. There are four major themes in this book: addiction, abuse, physical disability, and pre- and perinatal psychology. Each theme emerges as a key in the overall journey of how I transformed my life from trial to triumph.

      My story expresses my feelings about discovering that I was “different” physically to the world around me, while inside I felt the same as everyone else. My journey also traverses the challenges of putting on the appearance that life was as neat and easy,  as social convention dictated it “ought to be.” In reality, I was adapting to the imbalance fueled by the devastating effects of addiction in my family every day.
     The intensity of my challenges is alternated with profound joy in the discoveries that ultimately set me free. There are pieces expressing what I learned all along the way that bridge the two extremes. Perhaps the greatest gift this writing has brought me is the deep compassion I feel for all of us as human beings, as I have come to understand myself.

About the Author
Vicky was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, in 1962. Her healing journey led her to become a
spiritual practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living. In July, 2015, Vicky became a
Pre- and Perinatal Educator through the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). As a practitioner, Vicky is available to assist people either individually or in groups in in-depth investigation to bring thoughts, feeling and beliefs into alignment, applying universal, spiritual principles to create experiences by choice.

Here is Vicky’s philosophy in a nutshell: There is a Way that Life works. Life shows the way all
around us, within us. The teaching is as close as the beating of every heart. The key to discovering the way unique to each individual, yet common in the collective, is in sharpening earthly senses with intention—not only to see, but to look; not only to hear, but to listen; not only to feel, but to have the courage to embrace relationship. It is opening the mind to be shown, softening the heart to be touched allowing a willingness of Spirit to be drawn through the gateway of unlimited possibility. Vicky lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband of seventeen years, Vernon.

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