"I so enjoyed reading your book. It gave me new insights into my life.
Your zest to always go on and seek the best for your life was amazing. I
have been inspired to be true to myself and to continue on my own quest
for my best life and to do what I do best. I hope that I will also touch
other peoples life's in a positive and inspiring way, just as you did."
Ute 04-29-14

Comment from Louisville Esoteric Society on live presentation from the book:
"It was wonderful evening last night.  You're an excellent storyteller and presenter!"
Jim 10-08-13

"I was profoundly struck by the purity of Vicky Jeter's vision, a purity that emanates from her very being. I was aware of some of Vicky's biography, but nothing detailed, so many aspects of her story were a revelation of spiritual tenacity. Her quest is a heroine's journey to wholeness."
Whitney Vale, RSc.P  05-13-13

"Since I knew you as a child the book had a visceral impact on me. My heart broke as I learned of the pain you were suffering as we blithely went about the various activities we shared those long ago years. In my opinion this book is not only interesting reading as a story but for people who have experienced what you went through it will help deal with their sorrow. I am so very happy knowing you are now sharing a happy life with a loving husband. Best wishes Vicky.  Great story, I highly recommend it!"
Love, Jerry 04-25-13

"Vicky, you are amazing! I Love your book. Thank you for writing it."
Sandy 04-20-13

"I just finished your book . . . wonderful. Thank you for writing such an inspirational treasure. Love to you . . ."
Sandy 04-27-13

"I started your book. Am only up to page 32 and finding it sweet and beautiful and engaging."
Sonya 12-01-12

"I am reading very slowly and digesting it. Good job! What a lifetime. The degree of integration is incredible."
Suzanne 12-03-12

"Vicky! I LOVE your book, enjoying reading it. Very interesting and enlightening. Thank you and Namaste!"
Mardi 03-03-13

"This book can uplift anyone, anywhere, with the simple truth that an open heart and a made-up mind can accomplish anything. Read it front to back or skip around - you’ll find passage after passage to help redirect your intention and lighten your life.”
Jesse Jennings, D.D. 10-13-12

Call Me Victoria is a vivid narration of Vicky Jeter's journey from unconsciousness to consciousness, suffering to liberation, and dysfunction to healing. Every step of the way, she makes it clear how intimately synchronicity and spirit are involved.” 
Dr. William R. Emerson, Ph.D. 10-13-12

“These writings are a source of enjoyment and inspiration to all. From the moment Vicky mounted her steed, Gideon, she was going places. Her destinations were and continue to be to a place of creativity, honesty, healing, openness and grace.”
Missy Patterson 10-13-12
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