The services I offer as a practitioner licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living are based in specialized training in the application of spiritual and universal principles through the Science of Mind teaching, founded by Ernest Holmes. I am also in an extensive training program integrating the prenatal and perinatal origins of life experiences in the individual and collective creative process.  Educating people about this level of consciousness and potential effects on personal beliefs is incorporated into my services upon request, where applicable. I fully encourage and support the mutual benefit of an equitable exchange of energy for the value of services.  It is my preference that people feel completely comfortable contacting me for assistance regardless of financial challenges. I limit time spent in service only as serves the highest as best for everyone, and I donít bill for services.  For the purpose of offering my clients, and all interested parties consistent information. I do have set fees for my services listed here upon request, and it is flexible to each unique opportunity as it develops.

Scheduled Individual Appointment in Person or by Phone: The purpose of a practitioner session is to clarify the current circumstances in the clientís experience. Then the practitioner assists the client in aligning with the preferred outcome in thoughts, feelings and beliefs about it, taking what is revealed into prayer, with conviction.

Consistent Practitioner Prayer Support by Month: Many of my clients are embracing total life transformation. This is an option to maintain consistent contact and continuously updated prayer support. How many sessions, and the mode of those sessions can be determined individually for one monthly charge.
Consistent Practitioner prayer Support Including Pre- and Perinatal Awareness: Pre- and Perinatal Education and Support services address issues relating back to the journey coming into being human; conception, being in the womb, birth, and first experiences after birth either for yourself or for children that you have or are planning to have.  I have been in pre- and perinatal education training for ten years and this training is ongoing. 
Consistent Prayer Support for Business/Staff per Month:
Practitioner support for your business can include working with you and/or individual employees around challenges, preferences and goals for your business, as well as working with your business collectively, looking at how the overall mix of the individuals invested creates your business entity as a whole for optimal functioning and experiences.

Speaking Engagements/Workshops:
Vicky is available to speak or tailor a workshop for your group. Topics may include the teachings of Science of Mind, or on any of the topics in Call Me Victoria, based on her life experience and application of tools to transform her life.                                                        

Sacred Ceremonies, i.e. Weddings, Memorials, Business or House Blessings: Vicky can assist you in developing unique and personalized sacred ceremony for honoring and integration in any area of life. It is a powerful, tactile expression of taking a stand for who we are and where we are going in life, and celebrating it.            
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