Vicky Bowker Jeter's
By Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed.
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     Victoria, Vicky for short, affectionately called me her “Fairy Godmother” and I called her my “Goddaughter” for many years as I assisted her on her journey to do the inner work necessary to transform many of her issues. It has been remarkable to witness so many changes in one individual as I watched Vicky grow from a young woman in her mid-20s to a fully functioning adult, 25 years later. I have watched her make peace with and integrate issues surrounding being raised with two alcoholic parents, experiencing severe birth trauma, her physical disability of Cerebral Palsy, and sexual abuse by trusted family friends to name a few of her challenges. Vicky’s inner spiritual strength and determination to explore all aspects of her life has served her well to overcome the disproportionate trials and tribulations in her early life. It is exciting to see that she has learned to create a fulfilling life of continual growth, a good marriage, and is skilled to be of service to others.

     In the late 1980s I met Vicky after a presentation I gave at her church. Afterwards she visited with me expressing appreciation for the talk and checked out the possibility of marriage counseling. Her relationship had recreated much of the dysfunction found in her family of origin. They did come for counseling. After the marriage ended, the real work began for Vicky. I have had the privilege of being one of Vicky’s guides off and on throughout the years. I say privilege because she is one of the most self-directed people I have worked with in counseling. I have been there listening to her through the years, giving insights, encouragement, and compassion when needed. She didn’t need much more from me, as she was so motivated to heal herself and get on with her life purpose.

     It’s not too often that I meet an individual who has undergone as many challenges as Vicky and comes out the other side with a rich, meaningful, self-actualizing life. In reading Victoria’s story we glean higher Truth and spirituality at its best. She, not only, shares her incredible journey, Vicky models many ways out of being stuck in victimhood to live an enlightened, self-aware, creative life. We all can learn from her.

  I want to mention three things that made a difference in Vicky surviving and then thriving after the childhood challenges - her spirituality, writing, and her training in pre- and perinatal psychology. The first was to learn New Thought teachings found in Religious Science teachings founded by Ernest Holms. As a young adult, Vicky became a Science of Mind Practitioner, where she learned to do affirmative prayer or spiritual treatments for herself and others. Today she has earned emeritus status as a practitioner. The second thing that helped Vicky is her journal writing. Here she did amazing therapy on herself through out the years. And the third life changing method of healing Vicky has done is the work to heal much of her birth trauma and exploring her consciousness before conception through the pre- and perinatal psychology.

     As you read, you will find a life story. It is not a linear story, rather it is a tapestry woven with many threads from her experiences, her thoughts and opinions, her spirituality, and her beautiful poetry. Bless Victoria for sharing her healing journey.

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